Vandelay Education is here to change the for-profit education market. We strongly believe that vocational students shouldn't have to graduate with loads of debt and little hands on experience. That's why we pioneered a unique, hands-on training approach that allows students to graduate with the experience they need to succeed and little to no debt.

We manage more than seventy dental and medical assistant schools across twelve states, and we are always expanding both the number of schools and the variety of courses we offer.

Our mission would not be made possible without our instructors who are the face of Vandelay in our schools!

Our instructors:

Are LEADERS in the classroom

Are PASSIONATE about our mission and vision

Have the skills and abilities to SOLVE PROBLEMS

COMMUNICATE with us and their fellow teammates

Value TEAMWORK and their teammates




Shreveport, LA

Victoria, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Beaumont, TX

Grapevine, TX

Tyler, TX

Laredo, TX

Bellingham, WA

Atlanta, GA

Denver, CO

Amarillo, TX

Olympia, WA

Spokane, WA

New Orleans, LA

Tacoma, WA

Austin, TX

Savannah, GA

Augusta, GA

Charlotte, NC

Valdosta, GA

Indianapolis, IN

Montgomery, AL

Huntsville, AL

Round Rock, TX

Cedar Park, TX

Plano, TX